Survive The Worst Case Scenario

Every single person, regardless of their current situation should be well-versed in disasters preparedness. Never think that a disaster, whether natural or man-made cannot touch you. We are all susceptible. It is important that you know as many disaster preparedness tips as possible to help you survive a worst case scenario. Now, in the scope of this article we could not possibly go into all of them. There are countless tips, but we will touch on some of what we consider to be the more important ones.

1. Probably first tip up is to make sure your family has a communication plan in place such as a Family Disaster Plan. This could be put together in a number of ways, but one of the most important is making sure that there is at least one friend or family member who lives far away that all of you can contact in the event you lose communication with each other.

2. Know all emergency evacuation routes as they pertain to your community and workplace.

3. Learn how to turn off all utilities like water, electricity and especially gas.

4. Have an Emergency Survival Kit or package put together for each member of your household that has at least enough supplies such as food, water, clothing, blankets, medication, etc. to last 72 hours.Survival 4ever 11

5. Have cash on hand since there is a pretty good chance ATM’s may not be working or credit card terminals in the event that some stores are still open.

6. This one should always be an absolute must. Learn and constantly practice first aid and CPR techniques. It will be worth taking the time to learn if you can save someone’s life.

7. Have a meeting place or reunion point designated for all of your family members and household to gather at.

8. Understand that certain disasters are more prone to occur in particular areas and locations. Find out what yours are and prepare accordingly.

9. Make sure that you have some type of radio/flashlight combination that can be charged up by hand-cranking.

10. One of the most important areas of disasters preparedness is to have yourself mentally ready for one. Seriously, you need to rehearse in your mind how you would react in a disaster. This way you will have a good chance of riding it out as steadily and calmly as possible.

Stopping Separation And How To Survive Break-ups

Entering married life may allow you to become more exposed to stress triggers. There are so many reasons for stress to happen but it is likely that you will become more expose to it once you enter married life. This is because you will suddenly have the task to balance all factors of life-marriage, being a parent, work pressures, the need to maintain the house properly, etc. These factors are not easy to take which is why many people would rather choose to end the bond of matrimony than continue being stressed. However, you have the need to stop marriage separation. Do not just give up the fight; think about your partner and your children. After all, there is a solution to each and every problem.

Separation is not generally the first step in trying to solve the problem. Wise couples would vote to submit themselves in marital counseling to resolve the differences. For some, they would rather go to religious leaders to solve the crisis. Lots actually find success just by participating marriage seminars and retreats. On the other hand, there are those who will find the courage they need to stop marriage separation just by having a weekend alone away from your problems.Wedding 2

Stop marriage separation because it isn’t good. While you want to solve the problem by going on separate ways, you will realize that legal marriage separation will basically expose you more to the stress. You will have to undergo problems when it concerns the custody of children. Also, you will decide about child visitation and child support. This will include solving the problem of where the married couple will live, who will be responsible to handle the debt, and whether there should be a division to property that will take place. On the other hand, there are many couples who would rather go for verbal agreements which will address the issue.

Ending a relationship will become very stressful to both of you and of your children. It will be a major change in life. You will suddenly feel the need to start over again with a life that you must manage on your own. Indeed, separation is not always the most advantageous choice so you better stop marriage separation before you regret it.

Understand that all problems come with a solution. Life will not give you something that you can’t bear. Remember that there is always a way for you to solve crisis. On the other hand, there are also times when you don’t have to do anything but wait for the problem to solve by itself. Time will heal all wounds and time will also clear all the obstacles in your marriage. All you need to do is to wait for that proper time while keep your family intact all along. Start to get involve in your partner’s life. Do not anticipate for him to do the same on you. Talk to address the problem and do not consider one another as your enemy.

What Is Needed To Survive The Pain Associated With Divorce

There are few words more life shattering than “I want a divorce”.

No matter how long you’ve known in your heart that your marriage was not going to survive, no matter how prepared or resigned you are for that reality, the feelings of loss and grief can be profound, and gut-wrenchingly painful.

Whether the divorce was your choice or not, when those words are spoken out loud…”I want a divorce”…it means a dream has ended and the ground under your feet has turned to quicksand.

For many, those four words can leave our self-esteem in a shambles; our psyche and sense of self shattered and fragmented. We can find ourselves emotionally overwhelmed by powerful feelings of anger, grief, and fear.

People will tell us that our hearts will sing again, but we don’t have a clue how we are going to get there. A sense of peace and a singing heart feel like a place far, far away…a distant land that lies hidden beyond dark and stormy waters. A land shrouded in heavy mist.

There are many good “how to” articles and books that will offer advice and tips on surviving divorce. I would encourage you to look for those resources. They can be very helpful…..but they often forget to tell you about the important “interior” things you need to know.

Here are five of the most important “interior” insights you will need, to make your journey to that far away land less painful, and significantly shorter.Family Law 1

1. Don’t Avoid The Feelings

It’s normal to want to avoid the feelings I talked about above. Embracing them can be painful and exhausting. But I am encouraging you to move into them. Embrace them. Learn to sit with them…they will help you on your journey. It is a well-accepted fact that we grow best when the pain of where we are is worse than the fear of where we have to go. The feelings in a divorce can be painful and intense, but they are far-and-away the best, and most useful friends, you will take on your journey.They will encourage you, and support you, when you most need their strength to keep moving forward.

2. Don’t Push The River – Accept That Change is Normal

Everything in the universe undergoes change. Everything! Resisting reality is called “pushing the river” and will always lead to unnecessary pain and suffering. Divorce, more than any other change, may mean an end to your old life, but it is also is the start of a new life. Your life is not a spectator sport. You must learn to take action. Make choices. Implement plans. Ask yourself…”if this is a new beginning for me, do I want to live the life someone else has created for me, or a life I create for myself?” I would strongly encourage you to choose the latter. Then move forward toward it.Keep in mind, there is no such thing as “the” future. The future is always what we choose it to be. And every choice we make, or fail to make, will create that future.

We live life best when we are fully present, living consciously, and intentionally laying down the tracks that will determine the direction we want our life to go, one choice at a time.

3. Beware Of Your Primitive Ego

The primitive ego is the ego of your inner-child. It tends to think in black-and-white terms, and as such, it tends to see life as either “wonderful” or as a “catastrophe”. When your primitive ego is frightened and in pain, it can exaggerate, and begin “awfulizing” virtually everything in your life. It is very difficult to stay creatively focused on the future you are creating for yourself, when your primitive ego is awfulizing everything you think about. Awfulizing is an easy habit to pick up when we are in crisis. Choose not to go there.

4. Remind Yourself Life Is A Process

Loss is part of life, and grief is how we come to accept those losses. Divorce can be the beginning of a process of moving toward yourself; of finding your life purpose; of creating the person you want to be, and the life you want to live. We need to keep in mind the reality, that every experience life brings us has a learning attached. Our job in life is to discover and digest the learning embedded in each experience. In other words, we learn best when we just live our lives…consciously awake, aware, and fully present to each moment. When we are creating our future we are going to make mistakes. We don’t have worry about getting everything absolutely “right” or perfect. In fact our best learning comes when we don’t always get everything right and perfect.The wisdom and insights that we will need to be successful, will come to us over time if we pay attention.

So have the courage to jump into your new life that you are creating for yourself.

As they say……just do it….one choice, one decision, one experience, one learning at a time.

5. Write Down Your Plans and Goals: Keep a Journal

Write down your plans, your goals, the changes you want to make, the life you want to create for yourself, the person you want to be, the dreams you want to reach for, the challenges you will have to overcome, the steps you will need to take to overcome those challenges…you get the point. Unless you write your goals down, and keep them updated, it is almost a certainty that most of the goals and dreams you have will never come to reality. Life will numb you out, and quickly distract you. Remember, the primitive ego of your inner-child doesn’t like change (it thinks change is dangerous). As a result, it will always try to take you back to the same-old, same-old unconscious way of living; and it will bury your feelings. Write your goals down, journal them, hang them on your bathroom mirror. Keep them in front of you.Divorce can be a challenging sense of loss, but it can also be the exciting beginning of an amazing new life.